Tera Team October 06, 2016

Cheat Sheet and Checklist : How to Write Better Content


Got your head around the importance of a solid content strategy? Excellent. (Check out our eBook if you need a reminder). 

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, the thing that is put off more than anything else, The King of Procrastination: auditing your existing content and creating fresh content.

Allow us to introduce you to a couple of tools to help kick things off...

Writing for the web is unique - rather than reading your content like a book, users will scan through, making clear calls to action important (eg "book now" / "buy now" buttons).

When it comes to digital content, it's all about getting your audience to complete at least one of the key tasks you've defined.

You may have someone contracted to write your content, or you may intend to complete it in-house. Either way, our cheat sheet and checklist for good content writing should be valuable as you start the journey - download below:

We'll cover:

1. Less is More
2. Move Your Customer Forward
3. Auditing
4. Fact vs Opinion
5. Administration and Ownership
6. The Most Important Question is "Why?"

And, unsurprisingly, we'd like to remind you that here at Terabyte we are devoted to the cause of good content. We have some extremely talented content auditors and creators here, and welcome you to get in touch so we can sharpen that digital offering of yours.