Tera Team March 07, 2018

Celebrating IWD 2018

The 8th of March marks International Women's Day (IWD) a celebration of how far we've come and a reminder of how far we need to go. Here at Terabyte, we took stock of where we're at, too....




Here at Terabyte, gender equality is a given. Not only do we have a group of extremely talented, experienced and valued women on the team, but our leadership team consists of over 50% women. We support flexible working hours and women returning to the workplace (TeraBabies abound and we love them all); and, without exception, our men respect the women here. It's easy for us to imagine that this is the norm - why on earth wouldn't it be this way? And thanks to movements like IWD, hopefully, one day it will be.



Originally observed in 1911 in the USA and adopted by the United Nations in 1975, International Women’s Day commemorates the women’s rights movement and provides an opportunity to:

  • Remind ourselves of how far we’ve come. Now we live in a world where many women vote / own their own passport / own their own property / file for divorce and any number of other things so easily taken for granted. Considering – and sometimes, educating people on - the fact that, not so long ago, these things were prohibited for all women is a way of ensuring we don’t allow it to happen again. Education is paramount; my teenage daughter thought I was joking when I rattled off this list, plus some. She stopped laughing pretty quickly when she saw I was serious. 
  • Map the road to real equality. Yes, we’ve come a long way and we cast our votes, sign property deeds and travel freely in many parts of the world now, but by no means all. Women’s rights may have been active for over 100 years but the World Economic Forum declared just last month that it estimates a time lapse of 217 years before the economic gender gap is closed on an international level. 



As mentioned, Terabyte is proud to count women at 60% of its leadership team. As the number of women represented on company boards across the world increases, so does the opportunity to accelerate change as the power shifts. We are committed to continuing this trend, leading by example and providing no barrier to success based on gender. And, let's not forget the trailblazing women who shaped the place where we work and which we love: The Internet. Since Ada Lovelace in the 1800's, women have been kicking some serous digital ass. Check them out here



Again, education is paramount and technology will play a huge part in the training and education of girls and women in rural areas. Economic independence in the technological age will rely partly on mobile access to the internet, not only for education but in order to control finances. Of course, having the tools to learn or control your income is only useful if you have access to them: according to the Global Fund for Women, 200 million more men than women currently have access to the internet worldwide.

"With a mobile phone, a pregnant woman in a rural area can stay connected to a midwife. For other women and girls, Internet access and a mobile phone can mean access to a bank account for the first time, a new tool to learn how to read and write, or a way to stay safe and avoid harassment in a crowded city".



Digital has played its part with social media, too - hashtags abound: #metoo, #timesup, #pressforprogress (this year’s IWD theme), #codelikeagirl, #girlslikeus and, hot off the press after Frances McDormand's Oscars speech, #inclusionrider. Love it or hate it, there's no denying the power of social media to unite and galvanise the masses: just look at #womensmarch, which resulted in over five million people marching on January 21, 2017 in 673 separate events across 169 countries. 



It seemed right that we should have representation from one of the men here at Terabyte: who better than our CEO, Damian Swaffield:

"Talk is easy - as leaders, followers and business owners we need to be present and loud. This is a call to come together, to celebrate the great contribution women make in the digital world and to be united in supporting our gender inclusive workplace".



Here we are in all our glory ... Mara is missing (she's looking after an aforementioned TeraBaby, but will be back soon!)


Melissa Slater, Sales Director




Favourite Website: Accidental Icon

For me, the Internet means: Freedom to explore.

Fun Mel Fact: I have fractured 3 different bones in the past 5 months. Clumsy or living life too dangerously?! 


Poppy McKay, Cruise Director, Social Media Manager


Favourite Website: If it's a social media platform, I'm all over it.

For me, the Internet means: Connection, and fuel for a certain shopping addiction.

Fun Poppy Fact: My real name is actually Lizzie - long story, ask me next time you come in! 


Christine Mata, Account Director


Favourite Website: Can I have two?! Medium and Bonappetit

For me, the Internet means: A global network making the world a smaller place!

Fun Christine Fact: I've been on several commercials and company videos as a favour to a video production company.


Bridget Gilchrist, Digital Project Manager


Favourite Website: Kickstarter

For me, the Internet means: Information, entertainment and connection without boundaries - for better or worse.

Fun Bridget Fact: I once won $50 for imitating a pneumatic drill on live radio.


Charnae Wall, Production & QA Manager


Favourite Website: Oh so many.. it's like picking a favourite child!

For me, the Internet means: Information and connection.

Fun Charnae Fact: I love building stuff: sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much.


Lizzie Dean, Marketing


Favourite Website: The Oatmeal or Laughingontheinside (call me biased). 

For me, the Internet means: Fact-checking, aka proving my husband wrong while we're watching TV.

Fun Lizzie Fact: I absolutely hate being proved wrong (see above). 


Anne Ang, Art Director


Favourite Website: Behance

For me, the Internet means: (a) the opportunity to create beautiful designs and (b) the opportunity to daydream. Sometimes, the two happen at the same time. 

Fun Anne Fact: I bake. I spoil my kids with Lego and books. I would never give up noodles. #gofigure.  


Michelle Welham, Accountant


Favourite Website: Spotify

For me, the Internet means: Direct access to a variety of things I probably shouldn't buy.

Fun Michelle Fact:  I have three young women at home. My husband doesn't stand a chance.