Tera Team October 27, 2016

7 Habits of Highly Effective Digital

In our digital world, distraction is something we live with every day. Good advice is diluted in the melee of all the other advice out there and most of us don’t have the time, let alone the inclination, to go through it all in order to differentiate between the two.

Hello, information overload!

Enter Team Terabyte’s Definitive List of What You Really Need To Know (well, in terms of digital).

By concentrating on a handful of areas, your digital offering will be vastly improved. Of course nothing is that easy and each area requires a certain amount of time and effort. It’s likely your digital partner should be brought on board to help you with some of it*. 

Our latest eBook looks more closely at the considerations for each of these areas, but here’s a snapshot:

1. Benchmarking
Have you defined what success looks like?

2. Knowing Your Audience
Because sometimes, the audience you have is not the audience you expect.

3. Content Strategy
Yep, Content is still King.

4. Information Architecture
It's not just what you say, but where you say it.

5. Visual Design
A lot can happen in 50 milliseconds.

6. Driving Traffic to your Site
Because every show needs an audience.

7. Measure and Optimise
Once you know you're winning, stay ahead of the game

Download: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Digital

e've also produced a checklist to help focus your attentions on the stuff tht matters. And, we love lists.

As we said earlier, each of these subjects constitutes elaboration and we are always happy to elaborate on all things web. So drop us a line, give us a call or come in for a chat.

Digital is our stock in trade and we think it’s a crying shame when it’s not properly leveraged.

*Did we mention? We're pretty dang good at all the things on this list.