Darren Young May 14, 2019

5 Questions: Darren Young

We sat down with our Head of Creative recently to discuss his take on the digital landscape in New Zealand, where it's going and what to look out for, and to discuss some favourite examples of digital marketing.  

1. How do you think Terabyte’s offering has evolved over the last four years?

Terabyte has always been known in the industry as an extremely talented and experienced web design agency. Over the past decade, we have seen the digital industry evolve into the marketing powerhouse it is today. Knowing that our clients need more than just your typical website, we have grown Terabyte's capabilities to focus on digital solutions. No longer is 'just a website' enough to help grow your online presence. Factors such as inbound marketing, automation, personalisation and analysis are all key to creating an exceptional digital solution for our clients.

2. What’s the same?

Terabyte is renowned for its exceptional development skills, rigorous QA and near-flawless project management skills - and this is still true today! We put a lot of effort into developing and transforming our offering to clients; this is done through multiple R&D projects to ensure we are always on the cutting edge of the digital industry. We also have a great internal culture which helps us attract top talent and customers.

3. What are your top 3 areas of focus for a successful digital marketing platform? 

  • Users Come First

I know everyone says this, but very few actually do it. Placing your user at the centre of your problem is key to delivering a successful digital solution. We always involve some form of user testing and validation on our projects - no matter the project budget - from simple user surveys to complex multi-day user focus groups, we ensure that we are meeting the needs and wants of the user.

  • Keep it Personal

The modern user expects a certain level of experience on the digital platforms they interact with. They have become pre-conditioned to personalised experiences from popular platforms like Facebook, Air BnB, Uber Eats etc. When they are not receiving this level of experience, they are quick to try and find alternatives. From a light personal touch to a more complex personalised journey, we ensure that this is always a consideration when thinking about your user.

  • Return On Investment

We focus on building an MVP (minimum viable product) for your digital solution to ensure we are achieving a quick return on your investment (ROI). Everything comes down to ROI in today’s market and it is key that we focus on building a solution that can be delivered to market in a timely manner in order to maximise return. Bigger solutions are broken down into multi-phase projects. Delivering an MVP at the start enables us time to analyse and gather feedback from the users in order to inform the subsequent phases of the project. This helps us approach digital solutions in a far more agile manner.

4. How do you see the digital landscape changing in NZ?

I see companies in NZ becoming more aware of what digital can do for them and partnering with companies like us to help them digitally transform their business. Websites are no longer the be-all and end-all of digital for your business; it's about the solution and how it can help transform your business for the future. We're already seeing businesses approach us with this kind of mentality and really focusing on taking their business to the next level with the power of digital.

5. Give us some examples of digital marketing at its best.

  • Netflix

From its interface to its personalisation, Netflix does a great job of keeping you engaged and using its platform. Even when you think you've binge-watched everything, their digital smarts seem to surface something new, targeted at your preference to watch. Hopefully, soon we'll be opened up to an even bigger banquet of streaming indulgence.

  • Disney

Disney has long been my example of a company that has really embraced digital and used it to transform their business into the digital age. From the magic bands to online travel planner, their all-round digital experience is just phenomenal

  • Domino's

Yet another company that has transformed their business into a digital business, and led the way for others to follow. From their targeted promotions to their online ordering system, no wonder that they now receive over 60% of their business from online and refer to themselves as a technology company!