Why should you use Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system that was first released back in 2004 and has since become one of the world’s leading CMS systems. Umbraco was built with the user in mind and made to be a flexible management system, allowing complete control over all elements of the design and management for the website. For us, this means we can tailor build a site to fit your needs no matter how complex the request!

  • Secure hosting for all Umbraco sites

    We’ve partnered with a premium hosting partner, Plan B, to ensure all Umbraco sites will not only be fast and secure but also fully scalable and future-proofed. Maintenance is also key to a secure and optimised Umbraco site and our Sitecare programme gives you peace of mind that your site will receive the attention it needs when it needs it.
  • Our very own design language system

    As Umbraco allows the flexibility of design and build, back in 2016 Terabyte created our very own Design Language System (DLS) – a range of reusable functional elements in the Umbraco software. Our DLS is now deployed in Umbraco v8 and provides a best-in-class component library (UX and IX) with a significant focus on code as a design tool, including iterative on-screen design supported by an integrated set of tools for layout, documentation and alternate platforms. This gives both us and our clients full control over content, navigation and page order, and our DLS allows for rapid deployment and cost-effective enhancements, delivering a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
  • Proven community backing

    Umbraco has over half a million active websites from startups and charities to global business and eCommerce stores, and is backed by a community of more than 200 thousand and proven to be one of the best CMS. We’ve used Umbraco to build a range of sites including customised solutions with in-depth booking systems, personalised shopping experiences and synchronisation with external inventory management systems and CRM’s. Take a look at our latest Umbraco sites.