Our two favourite CMS systems.

Our websites are all built on one of these two Content Management Systems. They're both brilliant, and they're very different to each other. A bit like parents with two kids who are vastly different, we have no favourite: each one brings a different set of solutions to specific problems. How do you decide which one is best for your project?


Great for larger projects when lots of customisation is needed and you want to connect some gnarly third party systems for additional information, commerce or bookings / reservations. Umbraco can handle anything you throw at it, and some.


  • Uses Terabyte’s Design Language System to ensure leading-edge design, coupled with rapid deployment
  • Big and fast - can easily handle high traffic volumes and demanding technical requirements
  • Ideal for complex integrations
  • Widely used: over 400K installs globally
  • Open source, no license fees
  • Regular feature and performance enhancements
  • Excellent content editing experience
  • More secure
  • Easier to update / multipurpose images and content


  • More time and effort required than WordPress to roll out standard/common functionality
  • Relatively small plugin library to extend core features (requires custom build)


Great for smaller projects or campaign sites which are light on functionality but need to look great. Template driven and open source means costs are relatively low. 


  • Extremely fast to deploy; standard/common functionality availability out of the bag
  • Easy to use and easy to customise
  • Mobile friendly
  • Used by 59.5% of all the websites that use a content management system (CMS) –28% of the web uses WordPress
  • Feature extension through a massive plugin library (over 45K available) making adding functionality fast and cheap
  • Open source
  • SEO friendly


  • Cost of ownership can be high for very complex sites
  • Not as robust as Umbraco for integration with 3rd parties
  • The more of the larger feature plugins you use, the slower your site can be

Umbraco or WordPress? Find out!

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