Why Inbound Marketing?

Increase organic traffic and create leads: then nurture them through to conversion.

Build trust in your brand, get new leads and nurture them through to conversion with inbound marketing. 

Let potential customers find you via a combination of well constructed and relevant content (blogs, articles etc), social media and search engines. By creating content that specifically looks at problems your potential audience has, you can attract visitors who are then nurtured through to qualified leads. At the same time, you have the opportunity to educate, inspire and spark trust for your brand and get ahead of the competition: it's a win-win.

It's easy to see who's viewing your content and how often. Digital marketing activity in the form of workflows can be set up to feed your users information / offers at scheduled times throughout the buying process, or served up based on browsing activity on your site. The creation of highly targeted persona groups based on known visitors helps identify the most appropriate content to serve. Digital campaigns can be set up based on user data, and content can be personalised for the user. Lead scoring analysis will help povide more accurate KPI's.

Used correctly, this is an extremely powerful digital marketing tool which is the equivalent of putting more salespeople in the field. 

We can help you set up a strategy, work on your content, target particular customer groups and round it all off with specific campaigns built to grow your audience and strengthen your market position as the leader in your field

Inbound Marketing Explained

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Click below for our short video on the reason for all that fuss.

Why HubSpot?

Our inbound marketing platform of choice is HubSpot, an internationally recognised leader in its field.

Held up against the competition, we believe HubSpot comes out a clear winner in not only pricing, but user experience, intuitive navigation, content creation and analytics. It’s also extremely well supported with training modules and a responsive support system. And in terms of tracking, check out Forbes' quote.

Terabyte is a certified HubSpot Agency Partner and we've been using the platform for some years now. Many of our team are HubSpot accredited in various areas of the platform.

"Hubspot takes the cake on this one. Not only do they have one of the best tracking cookies ever, they also provide full funnel attribution which enables marketers to see all touch points with a client and not just last touch”.


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