Our Work


For many years now we have partnered with New Zealand RTOs, operators and organisations to bring their digital visions alive. We love understanding how tourism audiences think and we're always excited to work on a new tourism website!

Terabyte has a long and proud association with the NZ Tourism sector. We want to be recognised within the NZ Tourism industry as a trusted commercial partner and thought leader in the digital space. The Terabyte team isn’t interested in simply paying lip service to these ideals, which is why we actively pursue a dedicated in-house research and development program, aimed at engineering leading edge website solutions specifically for the NZ Tourism industry.  

We are dedicated to working with tourism marketing clients and the wider industry to achieve the “Tourism 2025” revenue target of $41 Billion by championing NZ tourism in the digital space.

"Right from the start, the Terabyte Team were willing to go the extra mile. Working in the fast paced digital environment often the personal touch gets overlooked. We think that’s where Terabyte have the edge on others. The results speak for themselves!"

Vanessa Freeman, GM, Destination Great Lake Taupo

Tourism is a unique market and is not for the faint of heart.

It is a lot of fun designing and developing tourism websites that sell such fantastic experiences, but the stakes are also very high.  Your customers will be very unforgiving of omissions or mistakes, they won’t be happy if the excitement of their holiday is replaced with frustration around organising the details.

The experience of researching and booking a holiday online is highly emotional, and the usability and robustness of your website will be under some serious scrutiny.  We know how important good design, best practice development methods, and quality assurances measures are to the success of these websites.  Whilst your needs are obviously unique, there are undoubtedly advantages if your website partner has previous experience in the Tourism industry.  

We would love to talk to you about your next tourism web design and development project.