6 Ways to Drive International Business to your Website

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Kiwi businesses marketing internationally know the high cost of putting people “on the ground” in targeted sales territories.

If executed properly, your website will work overtime to help drive leads to your sales team. Our eBook explores the methods and benefits attached to optimising your website for international success, supplementing your sales team with an online presence that shouts “world class” and “accessible” ... ultimately generating leads for your sales team.

  • Increase your international profile without adding to your "on-the-ground" sales team
  • Support your sales team's work with high quality on-line self-help content
  • Present your story to international prospects in their language and in a way that relates to their region
  • Make sure you're found on search engines in every market you choose to join
  • Stand tall amongst global competitors, reducing distance as a barrier

Any business with a worldwide audience should make sure their website is covering the fundamentals of international lead generation. Put your website to work!