Six Steps to Building a Digital Road Map


Nowadays, it's a given that every business needs a strong online presence. It's an integral part of most companies' marketing plans.

But your marketing plan doesn't just happen on an ad-hoc basis, right? You plan ahead. As part of your company's marketing strategy, your website's evolution should have a plan, too. It can seem overwhelming in a "where-do-we-start" kind of way, contemplating the changes you want to make to your website. Never fear, help is at hand, with a digital roadmap. In six easy steps, this wondferful little tool will help you:

  • Get your website to where you want it to be, quickly and easily
  • Plan activity and break workload into smaller, achievable chunks
  • Prioritise the work required
  • Economise on the amount of work required

We've written a paper on the six steps to building a digital road map - enter details below to access.