How To Measure and Optimise Your Website

Don't let your website waste away!

If your website is an integral part of your business, it needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow and flourish in an ever-changing digital climate. 

If you know that you should be regularly referring back to your audience for key insights into how your website is doing, good work, you're halfway there!

If you're not convinced on the benefits of this approach, or not sure where to start, we have just the thing.

We've put together an eBook for you which looks at the following:

  • Why you should regularly monitor your website's effectiveness
  • How to approach your research
  • Usability testing, surveys and analytics¬†
  • A recent user research case study
  • Establishing your baseline
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • A/B testing

Keep moving, keep improving - enjoy!