Terabyte continues its role as a supporter of Starship with this design refresh and responsive update. The result is a website which is deceptively simple and content-rich.

Starship Children's Health provides world class healthcare for thousands of children each year. The Starship Foundation is concerned with generating donations for the healthcare service. The website's objective is to raise awareness of the valuable service Starship offers, encourage more support from the community, be an information resource for families and healthcare professionals and increase donations by being a key fundraising tool.

Due to its function as both a dedicated paediatric healthcare service and a major teaching centre, the website needs to cater for two different types of primary audience groups, namely families and healthcare professionals.

Having built Starship's existing website some years ago, the decision to redesign with a responsive capability was welcomed by all. A significant proportion of the website's visitors are now using mobile devices so the need for responsive design was increasingly urgent.


After an initial meeting with representatives from both Starship Children's Health and Starship Foundation, we began a highly iterative design process. What resulted was a refreshed and responsive look and feel, with major emphasis placed on the home page and its pathways to the three main visitor sectors: parent/visitor, health professional, supporter. 

The donation form was redesigned with added social sharing functionality. The design supports Starship's focus on delivering family-centred care in a child friendly environment and comes to life through the use of strong emotive images coupled with positive messages. The aim here was to demystify the overall experience of admittance to the hospital, instead placing emphasis on the warm, caring and professional environment. 


This website is deceptively simple, with several layers and a huge amount of content. It houses clinical guidelines for health professionals which are accessed internationally. 

Built on Umbraco, Starship has a content management system which ensures the site is future proof and has the ability to grow with their needs over time.

Terabyte is extremely proud to be on the journey into the future with this NZ institution and international pioneer in children's healthcare.

We love you, Starship!