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Our relationship with New Zealand Parliament goes back to 2004 when we won the tender to build a new intranet and public website that consolidated content from 5 Parliament websites. It went live in August 2006 and we have provided on-going development and support ever since. We are currently working on complete redesign of the front end of the website to re-establish the New Zealand Parliament site as a benchmark for the public sector. Watch this space!

In 2004 Terabyte were commissioned to build a new website that consolidated Parliament's many websites into a single online presence where the public could easily access all of Parliament's output.

As you can probably appreciate, the New Zealand Parliament generates a massive amount of content from multiple internal sources and providing a seamless solution that was architected for performance proved a significant challenge. Additionally, borne out of an intensive Discovery phase, there were significant user considerations and stakeholders that fed into the overall design. Needless to say the complexity of this project was high.

The solution delivered by Terabyte, and which has been live since 2005, means that many of the internal content generators can now automatically publish content directly to the website's CMS, drastically reducing the administration overhead.  As well as this, support for publishing templated word documents directly to the website as HTML was a significant requirement (and a significant challenge) that was successfully met. One of the most impressive technical successes was a huge reduction in the time taken to search the hundreds of thousands of documents residing within the database providing for a more efficient resource for the operation of Parliament. 

During the years that have followed go-live, numerous additional enhancements have been made including support for streaming Parliament TV, automated email alerts, RSS feeds and support for Hansard (the official report of The House) in searchable HTML pages that are also broken down into debates and speeches.

Successful and well received from launch, the New Zealand Parliament site was considered a benchmark for government websites internationally.

But now it is time for a rejuvenation. Terabyte are proud to be involved in a significant overhaul of New Zealand Parliament's web presence and look forward to working with the project team to once again set the international benchmark. Watch this space!