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New Zealand Parliament

Our relationship with New Zealand Parliament goes back to late 2004 when we won the project to build a new intranet and public website that consolidated content from five Parliament websites. It went live in August 2006 and we have provided ongoing development and support ever since. This has included a major project to replace the original CMS with an Umbraco implementation.


In 2014 we were selected to rejuvenate the front end design of the website, and in doing so revisit how Parliament communicates to the public of New Zealand. Being a democracy, Parliament gives Kiwis the opportunity to have their say in the laws that govern us. The Parliament website was doing a great job in publishing what was happening on a daily basis in the House of Representatives, but it needed to work harder to engage with New Zealanders and ensure we all knew how to get involved.


Parliament conducted an extensive discovery phase which explored what information people want to see on the Parliament website and how they’d like to be kept up to date. NZ Parliament needed to become more accessible, with easy pathways to get in touch with our MPs, make an online submission or watch live debates in the House. Terabyte worked hard with Parliament to meet stakeholder requirements and marry these up with the needs of the public.


The design phase was wide ranging, working on everything from colours, tone of voice and photography to complex listing styles and calendar functionality. The build was one of the most challenging projects our development team had undertaken, encompassing complex search functionality, live and on-demand video/audio and a dynamic calendar. All of this on a platform that needs to support continuous publishing and over a million pages of content.

The final product is something we’re extremely proud of. We loved working with the dedicated team at New Zealand Parliament to translate their requirements into reality and look forward to more online engagement with the wider New Zealand public.