New Zealand Parliament: Mobile Responsive Website

A long standing client, New Zealand Parliament’s website serves as a source of information for both Members of Parliament and the public. The site is extremely content heavy, housing thousands of documents including “Journals of the House” - a record of decisions and activities each week, “Order Papers” – Parliament’s proposed agenda for each day, papers presented to Parliament and research papers.

As well as a receptacle for a myriad of information, users are able to easily engage with our democratic process, e.g. making submissions for or against Bills going through Parliament or creating an e-Petition.


Unsurprisingly, given the universal trend towards mobile usage, Parliament’s audience was increasingly coming from mobile devices. This year to date, 44% of Parliament’s audience was on a mobile device. It was time for a mobile responsive website.

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time".

It was a mammoth task and so, like the old saying, we set about breaking it down. Together with a number of key stakeholders from NZ Parliament, we held initial workshops to look at each of the dozens of templates, understanding how the content should be prioritised for each, with the user front of mind at all times. Each business unit brought its own specialised knowledge and we worked with all of them to fully understand every corner of the site from a mobile user’s perspective, retaining the integrity of the design and ease of user experience we had achieved together when the site was built.

This information allowed our team to produce mobile responsive template designs which were presented back to the NZ Parliament team for feedback and iteration. The whole process was deeply collaborative, which is exactly how we like to work – and it’s worth noting that, although Parliament is obviously based in Wellington, the project ran seamlessly, with our team travelling to the capital for content and audience workshops then presenting and refining designs with the use of online collaboration tools.

We are extremely proud of this project which not only showcases Terabyte’s expertise in the intricacies of responsive design, but illustrates New Zealand’s commitment to the democratic process.