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This is us: a fun team of digital producers, account directors, designers and developers who are really good at what we do. We also really love doing it, which is nice.

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Christine Mata

account director

With her exemplary digital knowledge, strong business acumen and ability to interpret her client’s requirements, Christine will discover and present the best possible digital solution, every time. Also, she really loves getting her teeth into chunky, heavy-lifting and complicated digital projects: nothing scares her (except not being able to do any online shopping. She loves shopping.)


Melissa Slater

account director

An excellent all-rounder, Melissa works with brand strategy, re-brands and online experiences. She really understands how important the brand is across every touch point of a business, and will work hard to keep it singing at each one of those points. Mel has a pretty impressive track record of clients dramatically increasing revenue as a direct result of her rebranding and digital strategy work. Melissa is a perfect storm of creative flair and digital savvy. It's also worth mentioning she has a black belt in karate. You have been warned. 


Lizzie Dean

Marketing / Copywriting

Lizzie loves to spin a good yarn and she loves all things digital: this makes her a prolific content generator. Lizzie is responsible for Terabyte’s inbound marketing programme and is Hubspot Inbound Certified. When she's not wordsmithing (is that a word?) Lizzie relives the days when she sang with a band and belts out the occasional number when the timing’s right, much to the delight of the rest of the team. At least that's what they say.


James 'Jumma' Galloway

Development Manager

Jumma heads up our Merry Band of Developers and does so with the winning combination of (a) a wicked sense of humour and (b) a serious amount of development expertise. Seeing as how this is the actual recipe for the perfect Development Manager, we're pretty stoked. Jumma can also be counted on to attend every party he's invited to and stay till the very end. 


Paul Bowen

Solution Architect / Senior Developer

When we're asked to do something that seems near impossible - it happens more than you might think - we go to Paul. Invariably he'll work out (a) how to do it, (b) how to do it well and (c) how to do it efficiently. True to his British roots, he's a no-nonsense type of guy who cuts through any B.S. and has the uncommon ability to explain his solutions to all of our clients, no matter how digitally savvy they are. When he's not coding something miraculous, Paul likes to mess about in boats, one of the many reasons he loves living here in NZ.


Anne Ang

art director

She's won awards for her visual design. She's an ace UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designer. Need your users to get from A to Z, or home page to conversion, as effortlessly as possible? Ask Anne. With a portfolio of large and complex projects under her belt, Anne is the ultimate user advocate. As if all this weren't enough, Anne has an extremely infectious laugh and luckily for the rest of us, she laughs a lot.


Mara Manalad

Digital Project Manager

Mara's combination of technical knowledge and business acumen make her clients very happy. Often heading up large and complex projects, Mara may seem calm, unflappable and utlimately organised on the outside - and she is. Some say she is completely unflappable. They'd be right. Mara has recently become a new parent and - dare we say it - even this has not tipped her up. Go figure!


Bridget Gilchrist

Digital Project Manager

Proactive, enthusiastic, a self-confessed “digital addict”, Bridget runs her projects with efficiency and a good dose of innovation. If there's a better way of doing something, she'll find it. Our resident Southern Action Girl, Bridget loves the outdoors just as much as she loves digital, and Travel is her second name (actually it's Jane, but you get the idea). 


Matthew Rogan

Digital Project Manager

Matthew's specialty is complex projects involving lots of moving parts and stakeholders. His clients love him because he's responsive (just like all our websites!), communicative and technical. Add this to the fact that he really, really loves Star Wars and you'd be forgiven for assuming he's sartorially challenged. In fact, Matthew has an astonishingly diverse and often hilarious T-shirt collection. Full of surprises, is Matthew.


Simon Johnson

Digital Project Manager

Simon's knowledge of UX, design, development and digital marketing and strategy make him extremely popular with his clients. He's a curious individual who loves to learn about new technologies and methods. Simon builds virtual and augmented reality apps in his spare time and loves riding motorbikes (the motorbike riding is IRL).


Darren Young

Digital Project Manager

Darren is a rare combination of creative, digital strategist and technologist.  A passionate advocate of digital as a way of not only achieving business goals but as a way of leaving a lasting impression, Darren is our resident jack of all trades – and master of them all, too. A creative at heart, Darren has been known to express himself on canvas and in sculpture. 


Charnaé Wall

Production and QA Manager

We'd like to tell you how many times our clients have called Charnaé "A Legend", but we've lost count. As the guardian of our extremely high quality assurance, she's our resident bug catcher with an unparalleled eye for detail. Charnae also looks after our studio's production processes and our SiteCare 24/7 support service. Fluent in Umbraco, Charnae trains our clients to use the content management system (CMS). Charnaé is a self-confessed chocoholic with a generous nature, a combination the rest us appreciate hugely. 


Alok Nimdeo

Digital Services Team Leader

Alok is dedicated to working with our clients on a day-to-day basis with the common goal of ensuring their / our digital offerings are always exceptional. The mainly carnivorous Team Terabyte admit to Lunch Envy most days when Vegetarian Alok shares the lunch room (except for Burger Fridays). 


Damian Swaffield

chief executive

Heading up Team Terabyte since early 2016, UK-born Damian has worked in many corners of the world but maintains this is his favourite one. Ensuring Terabyte heads in the right direction commercially is one of his main priorities but he's not too busy to work with our clients on helping them steer their business in the right direction using our services. In Damian we have another Brit who loves to get out on the Hauraki Gulf on any given (sunny) weekend. 


Doug Hanna


Doug works hard to maintain a culture of hard work, absolute integrity, going the extra mile for our clients, continuous improvement of business processes, team encouragement and up-skilling, sound financial management and exploring new, better, faster ways of delivering web solutions to our clients. He has a passion for driving fast cars, and photography – mercifully, not at the same time.