Our Work


An active member of the Department of Internal Affairs' Common Web Services panel, Terabyte is proud to be working with leading Government agencies, departments, and local bodies to enhance their digital strategies.

Terabyte has built a strong reputation over the years for its work in the Government sector and we are proud to be a digital partner of choice for a number of leading Government agencies, departments and local bodies to enhance their digital strategies.

From our experience comes insight. For example, we understand that on any given project our Government clients may need to guide a wide and diverse range of stakeholders to ensure they have buy-in and feel part of the redevelopment journey. Our success in the Government arena with key clients such as NZ Parliament and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), is in no small part due to our in-house talent and Umbraco CMS offering.

"Terabyte offers a good mix of technical and design proficiency, and most importantly, a real commitment in listening to us coupled with their care and understanding about the kind of business we are in."

Peter Carr, Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

Our National and Local Government Partners
We truly love supporting our national and Local Government partners and the work that they do on behalf of New Zealanders. Whether it is NZTE and Tourism New Zealand representing the best that our exporters and tourism operators have to offer on the global stage, or Palmerston North City Council and they work they do, ensuring ratepayers and citizens have easy and unhindered access to essential services.

Umbraco CMS
The Umbraco CMS platform offers a level of extensibility and customisation that has assisted our Government partners in their efforts to optimise their in-house digital strategies, and future proof their website requirements. As a partner we understand only too well how important it is for our Government clients to ensure strict governance measures are in place when undertaking any type of short or long-term capital expenditure. For example, our work with NZTE has yielded a number of additional international “sub sites” that were built utilising the original NZTE website infrastructure. Over the past 6 years this has provided NZTE with significant savings both in terms of capital expenditure and man-hours.