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New Terabyter Alert!

Our newest recruits know a thing or two about digital projects. And when it comes to managing said projects, they're at the top of their game. Which makes them truly outstanding Digital Project Managers!

We asked Mara and Bridget a few questions and got some interesting answers .... 

Mara Manalad, Digital Project Manager


Mara joins Terabyte with several years experience in service delivery management and providing  technical support for web applications. Well versed in leading and managing support teams to provide first class technical backup for applications across both iOS and Android platforms, Mara couples her highly technical background with a deep understanding of her clients’ requirements and market drivers. Mara is able to lead her project teams to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity and output.

What I love about the web:
The amount of information available from anywhere in the world. And on days when you can't take more information, there are plenty of websites worth wasting your time on.

One of the things I like about working at Terabyte is:
The people pride themselves on building digital experiences that are top of the class, both visually and functionally. I admire the creativity that goes into their work.

Something I do outside of Terabyte is:
Gym, paddle boarding, swimming, taking my dog Charlie to the dog park, and road trips with the hubby.

Not a lot of people know this about me:
I love singing and dancing (a.k.a. a series of un-coordinated movements) at no particular place or time, although they don't love me back as much (I should say "at all"). I have to remember to apologise to the team in advance, just in case.

One of my favourite websites is:
I couldn't decide between these two:
The Sartorialist - mostly for the photos.
The Oatmeal - plenty of content, and a lot of it is really funny.

Bridget Gilchrist, Digital Project Manager


A self-confessed “digital addict”, Bridget brings huge enthusiasm for all things web related to the Terabyte party. Bridget has managed, produced and led a variety of digital projects, embracing a range of technologies. Involved with the architecture and production of digital solutions to a broad range of problems faced by clients in a variety of sectors, Bridget has extremely strong project management capabilities, having driven the creation of new technology and initiatives across numerous digital platforms. Bridget loves all things outdoors, and if she’s not out surfing on the weekend, she’ll most probably be hitting the beach for a swim, or off hiking. 

What I love about the web:
There’s something new and exciting on the scene every day… in fact, every hour is probably more accurate! The web gives a huge range of people across the globe the freedom to realise and spread their ideas – and on the other side of the coin are the hoardes of people consuming those ideas.

One of the things I like about working at Terabyte is:
The culture. I’ve only just walked in the door, but it very quickly becomes evident that Terabyte is a cool place to work – friendly, supportive, creative, fun (to name a few). You spend a large proportion of your waking hours at work, so I’m really glad I’m somewhere I enjoy being.

Something I do outside of Terabyte is:
Travel. A lot. In the NZ summer I seem to be boarding a plane for a weekend somewhere in NZ about once a fortnight (I’m from down South, which is a big contributor), and then I usually try and “escape” most NZ winters and head somewhere less grey… Germany is a fav (I’ve lived there a few times), but I’ve also checked out Vietnam, East Africa, Vanuatu, Bali, and this year I’m off to Peru.

Not a lof of people know this about me:
I published a children’s book when I was 15. I still have about 300 copies sitting in a box somewhere, and the blurb on the back claims that I’m working on many others… so I guess you’ll need to watch this space!

One of my favourite websites is:
I’ve been following the development of MailChimp’s exploratory online store Freddie and Co., which has a great story and I generally think is a fantastic initiative. It’s not often I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed being on someone’s mailing list, and this site has been an exception!