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New Crew!

Terabyte is nothing if not a group of exceptionally dedicated, bright, innovative and engaged people (we will admit however that modesty is not high on our priority list).

We're delighted to announce the addition of these guys, who all bring something unique and fresh to the mix. We look forward to our clients working with them going forward but in the meantime, allow us to introduce you ...

Carolyn Jaques, Client Director

Carolyn is an accomplished Senior Account and Business Development Manager with experience managing a variety of client portfolios.  She believes in nurturing long term relationships built on trust, capability and providing a high standard of work to ensure delivery standards are met and exceeded.

As Terabyte Client Director, Carolyn will work alongsider her clients to help them achieve their digital goals, driving growth and opportunity development through innovative digital strategies.

Aside from working hard for her clients, Carolyn has a love of music and has been known to spin the occasional tune or two.

Alok Nimdeo, Digital Services Team Leader

Alok joins the team with several years experience in both developing and managing a variety of digital projects. His knowledge of both web development and digital project management means he is uniquely placed to understand our clients' requirements and quickly facilitate the best solution within our studio. As Digital Services Team Leader, Alok will work with our existing clients to support their digital capabilities and ensure every issue is swiftly and efficiently concluded. Along with this, Alok is charged with identifying potential opportunities for improvement to further the success of his client's online presence. 

They say that tenacity is the only difference between failure and success - on this basis, success is Alok's middle name - an avid trekker, Alok has been to the base of the Himalays twice and climbed over 20 smaller mountains. 

Jessica Alouette, Web Developer

Originally from Canada, Jessica joins the team with a great deal of development experience using a variety of applications. She has developed custom plug-ins and written front end development standards for organisations. A criteria for any developer here at Terabyte is a passion for the internet and Jessica is no exception to this rule.

During her spare time, you can often find Jessica surrounded by either loud music, or loud explosions, as she enjoys both music and video games in equal measure, and can write detailed criticism of both things. She also enjoys hanging out with the birds in the aviary at the zoo!

Jason Wei, Web Developer

Jason is an award winning full stack developer who has led teams responsible for delivering extremely complex web solutions, predominantly in the banking sector. In addition to his front end development skills, Jason has experience in overseeing requirements analysis, information architecture, testing and deployment, resulting in a developer who truly understands the full digital picture.

Jason is a marathon runner, table tennis afficianado and, in his own words, fully qualified house husband.