Road Trip! Are You In?

It's a common cycle:

(A) Your website is built or has a major upgrade - hurrah!

(B) Much fuss ensues, possibly involving a champagne cork or two; all is well.  

(C) Then you're onto the next project (what website?!).

(D) Your beloved website is left to languish for three or four years while the metaphorical tumbleweeds blow through and, eventually, your competitors seem to be doing something - dare we say it - BETTER.

(E) Begin again with (A).

Obviously, this is by no means an ideal process for maintaining and improving your web presence. How to avoid this happening?

It's called a digital road map and it's a great little tool for making sure your website iterates, responds and adapts to business and customer demands on a continual basis. 

We go into more detail over here, complete with some nifty example calendars to help get you started on the journey.

A little planning ahead can make the difference between undertaking major upgrades on an irregular basis (often time consuming and expensive) and fine tuning along the way.

Think of it as servicing that precious car of yours. Then taking it on an amazing road trip.

Oh, the places you'll go!