the planets are aligned: 3 reasons NZ business can increase its offshore trade

Step up New Zealand, this is your time!

After the hammering taken during the GFC and with the last few years of a high NZ dollar, the planets are now aligned perfectly for NZ companies dealing with offshore prospects and customers.

Three of the most compelling reasons to sit up and take notice:

1.  The NZ Dollar
The decline in the NZ dollar against most of the currencies we trade with is returning margin and/or making us more internationally competitive.

2.  Interest Rates
They're at their lowest in decades, making it easier to fund growth.

3.  The Digital Age
We've entered a new age of digital marketing and sales support using the internet. This has dramatically reduced the impact of distance from markets and dealt a blow to the high cost of finding new international customers and supporting your on-the-ground international sales efforts.

So for tourism, manufacturing export and hi-tech industries things are looking bright. 

As a country with a proven track record in all of the above industries, we should be on top of the world (figuratively speaking, of course). Right?

Well, we're doing okay. But we could be doing way better.

Only a few leading NZ companies are leveraging their internet marketing well. This offers hope that other innovative Kiwi companies can catch up fast and showcase their world-class products to allow their international audience to:

(a) easily find them; and

(b) self-help with information about their product and service advantages.

This way, sales teams are digitally fed warmed-up leads. Online marketing supports them with conversations with prospects and customers. Promotion and sales occur 24/7. 

For the many business leaders who grew up prior to the ‘80s and the beginning of the computer revolution, it can be challenging to understand the considerable return on investment possible from doing this job well online.

For some, it will be a matter of "change and use the technology fast" or "lose out to competitors executing better". We hope the majority of our innovators choose the former.

We look at some of the challenges facing NZ businesses marketing internationally, and how to address them, in our eBook on the subject.

Come on NZ business, we can do better. We can do brilliantly. To coin an American phrase, let’s kick some ass on that global stage!