Mobilegeddon: Burning Questions

So, Mobilegeddon happened a week ago today, and so far the world has not come to an end. However your Google search results may be affected if your website is not mobile friendly.

Here we address the most common questions about the update ...

Q:      Exactly which Google searches will this affect?
     This update is only relevant to searches from mobile devices. Desktop and tablet searches are unaffected by the update.

Q:      How are mobile searches affected?
A:      A rankings boost is given to mobile friendly websites, meaning that those websites not mobile friendly are likely to drop over time.

Q:      How do I check to see if my website is mobile friendly?
A:      Using Google, simply search for your site on a mobile device. If you’re mobile friendly you will see Google’s grey “mobile friendly” label in the search results. If it’s not there, try Google’s mobile friendly test.

Q:      My website is not currently mobile friendly. How quickly should I expect to see the rankings drop?
A:      According to Google, this update will take a few days to a week to roll out completely. Your rankings are likely to be affected within that timeframe.

Q:      How badly affected can I expect my rankings to be?
A:      It’s impossible to be sure at this stage. Google have hinted that this update is likely to be more impactful than both the Panda and Penguin algorithims, which resulted in a 12% change to search results.

Q:     What if I get mobile-friendly now? How long will the change take to come into effect?
     This is a “real-time” update, meaning every time your site is crawled and indexed by Google, the update will be made. This is good news if you haven’t already become mobile-friendly. Here are Google’s best practices for helping them find, crawl and index your website. If you'd like to see when Google last crawled your site, enter the following into the address bar of your browser: cache:www.yoururl.  For example, Terabyte would enter

Q:     What about my Adwords campaigns?
     No need to worry - this update will only affect organic listings.

Q:      What do I need to do to become mobile-friendly?
      There are two options: mobile and responsive design. A mobile requires a different domain name (e.g. where a responsive site uses the same url. Whilst a responsive site will always adapt to the device on which it is viewed, mobile sites will require updating as technologies change, making responsive design a one-off investment.

Responsive is Google's preferred method - and ours. Talk to your web partner about what's right for you. 

(Did we mention? We have a lot of responsive design under our belts).

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