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    Hitwise Award - 2006
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    Webby Worthy - 2005

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The Project:

The objectives for the design and development of the new Te Papa website were simple. Create a unique, valuable, rewarding and "I want to keep coming back for more" bicultural website that creates absolute desire to experience the museum in real life - I must see and experience Te Papa!

This site is arguably one of the most complex Microsoft Content Management Server implementations attempted in NZ. It combines the requirements of multiple languages, multimedia, visually rich content, dynamic navigation while maintaining a very high level of accessibility.

Navigation was a critical part of the planning process to ensure an extensible framework was put in place to look after Te Papa's extensive collections as well as profile its expertise and its people.

This project was one of the most demanding solutions we have delivered and at the same time one of the most rewarding. Both Terabyte and Te Papa committed themselves fully to making ths site an on-line representation of what Te Papa is all about.


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