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  • Australasia Internet Best Practice Award
    Australasia Internet Best Practice Award - 2010

    Award winner in the Diversity category of the 2010 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards for our work on the Lindauer Online Project. NZ organisations won two of the 4 awards given.

Services Rendered:

The Project:

This has been an exciting opportunity for Terabyte to be involved with a project that has such historical and cultural significance.


Designing and developing a specialised portrait viewing browser

  • Developed in Flash Action Script
  • Feels like you are walking down a gallery
  • Allows the user to experience a high level of detail within a painting to the extent that you can even see the brush strokes and canvas texture
  • Wraps the image in a beautiful wooden frame, resizes as the images change
  • Fully content managed via the Umbraco Content Management System

Designing and developing the visitors book image browser

  • Navigation of the visitors book is visually like turning pages in the actual diaries and feels very real
  • The user can also zoom in to see a high level of detail
  • Displays translations of the content in te reo and English
  • Users can make their own comments on the visitors' book and its content

Detailed Research

  • Users can view detailed research on each portrait and its sitter
  • They can view photos, where available, of the sitter, view their Iwi/Hapu affiliations including a map showing their region

Creating a community

  • Users can search the site for sitters that are affiliated with their own Iwi or Hapu a way of them connecting with their history
  • Users can register for a forum on the site where they can share their thoughts ideas and experiences and discuss the portraits and the visitors book
  • Users can view videos of modern day relatives of sitters discussing the history and stories of their ancestors and the importance of the portraits
  • Users can submit their own stories that relate to the Lindauer Portraits for incorporation into the site itself
  • Users can sign an online guestbook, a way of them leaving their mark in the same way views of the past left a record on the original Visitors Book.


What some of our Team members said about working on the project…


Jane Melville - Sales Director

"Every now and again we get asked to pitch for projects that light up our imaginations. A combination of superb content and a dynamic client will do it!

When we pitched for the Lindauer project, we couldn't help ourselves. We went all-out and there were many robust discussions as to who the pitch and ultimately the project team would be.

You know it is going to be magic when this happens!"


Rachael Devcich - Art Director

"It's not often we get the opportunity to present such historic and emotive material online and we certainly relished the opportunity to be part of that history moving forward. Designing for a harmony of aesthetics, usability and functionality always has it's challenges and with no existing brand or collateral to work with, we certainly had our work cut out for us.

By creating a logo based on Lindauer's actual signature and using a site colour palette taken from the paintings themselves we strived to present the Portraits and Visitors' Book in a respectful and complimentary surrounding. We used real-life experiences to influence the appearance and functionality of content - framed portraits that appear to be hanging on a gallery wall, a book you can turn the pages of - to enhance the special nature of the material and to further involve and encourage users to interact in a modern environment."


Adam Wright - Senior Frontend Developer

"The image browser combines a flash frontend with a custom-built Umbraco module to deliver the stunning images that make up the collection in great detail. The user can zoom in to see the individual brushstrokes, and only the portion of the image they are looking at is requested from the server, saving the user bandwidth and decreasing load times. It was choice to work on a project that used such beautiful source material."


The Terabyte Lindauer Online Project Team (click image to see all images)



Link to press ready high resolution images of the Terabyte Team (6 images)

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