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Services Rendered:

The Project:

The Milkyway Intranet is a business critical tool to Fonterra, providing its employees with an invaluable resource for their daily operations. After our success with the corporate site, Terabyte were asked to work with a project manager from an online communications agency (Cobussen and Cobussen) in a 3 month consulting phase which included current state analysis, business requirements, information architecture and design concept of key templates.

The Terabyte team reviewed the current Milkyway structure, ownership, usability in parallel to Fonterra carrying out their own content inventory internally, held one-on-one interviews with Fonterra staff and key stakeholders around the world to understand their frustrations with their current intranet and possible opportunities, carried out the analysis of a Long Neck Survey (1) to find out the top 10 tasks for Fonterra staff, conducted open card sorting (manual and online), and documented the User Requirements based on the findings and recommendations from the analysis phase.

Once the business case was approved Terabyte proceeded with the Milkyway Design Refresh phase and provided a style guide to Fonterra's development vendor.

Footnote (1): The long neck survey is a tool used in an approach developed by Gerry McGovern to identify top tasks for your Customer.



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