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Services Rendered:

The Project:

The Datasquirt site aimed to position the company to compete in the international market, so the design Terabyte delivered was a modern, cutting edge take on the Datasquirt brand.

With the speed at which their industry moves, being able to manage the content on their site quickly and easily themselves was an important business objective for Datasquirt. Terabyte adapted our CMS to fit their wide-reaching content requirements, which enabled virtually 100% of content on the site to be managed by Datasquirt themselves.

Slick presentation of case studies provides a good overview of their experience, and gives users quick access to specific applications or industries they may be interested in. The case studies section provided a unique challenge, requiring Terabyte to design a solution that presents them using vertical markets and cross-referencing industries, applications, and customers.

We've since completed a refresh of the Datasquirt Website.

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Information Architecture & Business Analysis

Terabyte uses wireframes to identify key content elements and base structure for each template, speeding up the design process by establishing what content the user expects to see on a screen and relative priorities before the full design is completed.

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