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As Christchurch International Airport is New Zealand’s Tourism Gateway we are committed to providing the best traveller experience possible. As a client we are very pleased with the outstanding work of Terabyte and are proud of our new mobile website. – Sam Grimwood - Marketing Assistant CIAL

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    Best Awards Bronze - 2011

    Bronze at the Best Design Awards, in the Applications category. Showing that mobile websites can compete and deliver in a world of “there’s an app for that”.

Services Rendered:

The Project:

The problem

Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) had observed an increased number of visitors accessing their website from mobile devices, particularly during the recent earthquakes in the region.

These statistics highlighted the need for a mobile specific site that focussed on providing prompt access to key travel information, especially as the main website is designed for desktop browsing and not specifically designed to cater to the needs of the mobile traveller.

The solution

A short discovery phase analysed mobile user tasks and uncovered key information for the mobile traveller. From this it was decided that a dedicated mobile website would be the best option.

The mobile website adopts a simplified design which allows easy navigation to airport and flight information, maps and parking details for those on the go. In addition, due to the earthquake activity, the mobile solution also has a substitute home page designed to cater for emergency situations when the airport experiences a significant spike in mobile traffic.

It was also essential to streamline the administrator's workflow within the content management system. The majority of the mobile content feeds directly from the desktop version negating the requirement to update in multiple places.

By offering the ability to over write this content with optimised mobile specific content the system is both flexible and time efficient.

The result

The simplified user experience is of real benefit to Christchurch Airport's mobile visitors, enabling them to find content quickly while on the move. Mobile use has continued to rise enabling content areas, such as taxi information, to become sponsored which has created an extra revenue stream for CIAL.

The ease of use of the mobile flight information has had such good feedback that this feedback into the main website where a homepage refresh has included this feature. Not satisfied with increased revenue and great user feedback, the mobile website went on to win Bronze at the Best Design Awards, in the Applications category, showing that mobile websites can compete and deliver in a world of "there's an app for that". 

Scan the QR code below with your mobile phone to view the new website:



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