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The design for our brands is right on the money. These sites are a very positive step for our brands, presenting rich content beautifully and opening up numerous new opportunities on-line, for both our brands and our clients. – Jodie Koning, National Marketing Director, ARN

Services Rendered:

The Project:

When ARN, Australasia's largest radio company, looked to re-platform and repower their on-line brands their requirements challenged our approach to web design.

After a world-wide search US based Mediaspan's broadcast media content management system (CMS) was selected to power the websites. We won the Information Architecture and Design job leveraging off our 8 year history successfully designing The NZ Radio Network's (TRN) station websites.

ARN and TRN are commonly owned by a JV of Australian APN News and Media and US based Clear Channel Communications so to get maximum return for the investment a single project was agreed to design and build 18 new websites across both businesses on the common platform.

ARN brands Classic Hits, Mix, The Edge, and Cruise broadcast to various regions across Australia and are household names loved by their listeners. Each website needed to leverage their individual brand, meet the needs of their target audiences and required the utmost flexibility to deliver rich media and engaging content with looks that could kill.

We took a different approach to the website architecture by adopting a component methodology rather than a template structure giving ARN the ability to customise each page to their liking. We did a lot of heavy thinking in the discovery phase to lay the foundations for the component design and work out the modules that would be used across all of the sites.

We designed a look for each brand and applied this to each of the components such as polls, image rotators, media pods, etc. Many components needed different sizes to expand to a 1, 2 or 3 column base grid. All in all we had about 40 components with 80 combinations opening up the creative potential for ARN to mix and match components to build customised pages.

The brand designs evolved from one to the next and as the basic structure of the sites were the same, the home page designs just came naturally. Anne Ang our obsessed #Glambert designer truly had a blast designing with her pop icons as daily inspiration. Our goal was to retain the brand integrity but also give each skin a fresh, modern look on the home page - add the pizazz and all the lipstick too!

For example hot pink sparkles on The Edge's homepage with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake gracing background with their sex appeal and effortless cool. Social media and blogging components were turned on for this site to appeal its younger, tech savvy, RnB with a twist of Pop and Dance crazed audience.

Cruise, on the other hand, has a cleaner, toned down, more conventional look and easy functionality for its mature audience to get directly what they want.

Jodie Koning, ARN's National Marketing Director was stoked. "The design for the brands is right on the money. These sites are a very positive step for our brands, presenting rich content beautifully and pushing them ahead of their competition online. We're excited to watch them grow even further from here!"

The component approach is a real benefit to the smaller stations in the group as they now have high end functionality with their limited budget by leveraging across the whole group.

Even though the sites have the same components on hand, each website looks unique and caters to the station's target audiences and regions.

Every project is always a rush, right? With this one we were delivering Mediaspan developers in the US with new station and component look and feels every couple of weeks. The ARN and TRN digital teams configured the website pages with components and helped with initial content loading enabling a station site to be deployed about every two weeks.

As the sites go live, every release is a celebration and we're wrapped to be a part of it!

Here's a list of the new ARN websites:



The Edge


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