All We Want for Christmas...

We asked Team Terabyte what they wanted from Santa this year. Some of the answers surprised us!

Mara A trip around the world and free surfing lessons for Charlie, my bulldog.

James Real Groovy vouchers.

Lizzie Champagne, an Ecoya pine scented candle and some sunshine.

Carolyn A handbag.

Mark The oldest book you can find.

Poppy A trip to Greece!

Alok To experience a snowy Christmas with my family.

Bridget A sunshiney summer!

Melissa My two front teeth (with diamonds on).

Damian World peace: and a bigger boat.

Doug Hot sunny weather at the beach with my family around me.

Gerard My son passing all his NCEA exams!

Murray A 3D printer.

Andrew Another Hawaiian holiday.

Anne Lots of alcohol and a winning Lotto ticket!

Jason New running shoes.


Olie A lap around a racetrack in a fast car!

Jessica A copy of Final Fantasy XV.

Paul To end the hate in the world and for everyone to be nice to each other!

Matthew Some sleep. Seriously.

Jamie Peace on Earth.

Michelle Something from Tiffany & Co!

Charnae A piece of land - with a house on it.

Santa A whiskey and a nap on Boxing Day...